Posted on: April 28, 2009 7:02 am

Verlander got a Win...he earned this one!

As of this morning, I have to say Justin Verlander has pitched a solid game and earned a win. It is a nice feeling when the "team ace" gets a win. His pitch count was up but so was his Ks. He was throwing the heat through the end of the match up that saw him in the 8th. All pretty positive if he builds on this and makes this a new trend this season--to be the pitcher he has the potential to become. Verlander has one more this week; the test of his metal! 
On the bench between the 7th and 8th he was very intense. He needs to harness whatever he had last night and use it all season to be the all star he has the potential to be.
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Posted on: April 23, 2009 12:42 pm

Verlander an appropriate place to start!

All Right, here's the thing; Justin Verlander is supposed to be the ace, the Tigers #1. He has show little or no improvement over his four starts. What is the answer? He continues to struggle, not just this season but last as well. At what point do the Tiger's pull him from the rotation and try something else. He needs to be given a sign that he is not untouchable. In his rookie season he was great, but how much time do you give a guy that has the potential in him to throw a no hitter two years ago and now looks like a guy who would be sent down to the minors without a thought if he didn't have the history he does? 

Form the ARM CHAIR:

At this point, it seems like the best choice would to give him one more week--partly because he has potential and partly because the bats are doing pretty well currently. He has to at least be sent to the bull pen and give Robertson a shot in his stead. Robertson may not be the answer; however, he has performed when called upon. Maybe the pressure will bring out the best in what we have--maybe even Willis will perform at least part way to expectations. It would be great to find another starter that is for certain.

Over all the good news is that Galarraga, Jackson, and Porcello have been consistent with a good showing from the bull pen. The bats are working, and potential is not just something that is on some projection stat sheet as possible--it is actually being backed by real stats.

That's what I think currently; what are some other possibilities?


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